Sweet Lick

Weight: 4lbs

Swamp Donkey Wildlife Nutrition’s Sweet Lick Brick is a game-changing mineral and attractant brick that’s expertly designed to lure deer and keep them coming back for more. Its unique formula creates an irresistible attraction, significantly increasing visitation frequency, which in turn enhances shot opportunities for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts. The Sweet Lick Brick is not only an effective attractant but also a vital source of nutrients that aid in the development of stronger, larger antlers, contributing to the overall health and growth of the deer population. Built to withstand various environmental conditions, this long-lasting brick is incredibly easy to use and can be placed in strategic locations to maximize its effectiveness. Whether you’re aiming to boost your hunting success or simply enjoy watching a thriving deer herd, the Sweet Lick Brick by Swamp Donkey Wildlife Nutrition is an essential tool for any wildlife management or hunting endeavor.

  • Formulated to draw deer in with its irresistible taste and aroma, ensuring frequent visits.
  • Packed with essential minerals that contribute to the growth of larger and healthier antlers.
  • Keeps deer coming back, providing more opportunities for observation or hunting.
  • Durable and weather-resistant brick form for sustained use and effectiveness in various conditions.
  • Simply place the Sweet Lick Brick in your desired location to start attracting deer immediately.

Place one or two bricks in an area you want to attract deer. Sweet Lick works great in addition to one of the Swamp Donkey loose attractants. Sweet Lick will last much longer than a traditional loose attractant, so place a brick or two on your existing feed pile to extend the replenishment time.

Salt, Monocalcium Phosphate, Mineral Oil, FD&C Yello#5, Natural & Artificial Sweet Corn Flavor.

Calcium Min 0.46% | Max 0.56%
Phosphorus Min 0.50%
Salt Min 93.0% | Max 98.0%