Full Line Of Deer Attractants To Bring ‘Em In From The Deep.

Food Plot Seed

Food Plot Blends To Keep Those Swamp Donkeys Coming Back For More.


Red Zone Minerals To Support A Healthy Deer Herd.

Bring ‘Em In From The Deep…

…isn’t just a slogan; it’s our #1 goal here at Swamp Donkey Wildlife Nutrition. We specialize in creating irresistible attractants, nutritional supplements, and food plot seed blends that are designed to draw deer from their deepest hideaways. Our products are crafted to entice these majestic creatures into the open, ensuring your hunting experiences are as rewarding as possible. With Swamp Donkey, you’re not just setting up a feeding spot; you’re creating a haven that wildlife can’t resist.


We are actively searching for passionate hunters across the country to unite behind the Swamp Donkey brand and help us spread the news about our products!