Donkey Syrup

Weight: 10.4lbs

Swamp Donkey Wildlife Nutrition’s Donkey Syrup is a premium molasses attractant, masterfully blended with a strong apple flavor, designed to captivate the senses of deer. This irresistible combination not only lures deer from afar but also encourages them to frequent your area more often. The rich, sweet essence of molasses, combined with the enticing aroma of apple, makes this syrup an excellent choice for enhancing any feeding site. Its versatility allows for easy application on various surfaces, such as vegetation or stumps, or even mixed with grains. Whether you’re a hunter looking to increase your chances or a wildlife enthusiast eager to observe, Donkey Syrup offers a simple yet effective solution for attracting deer, ensuring memorable experiences.

  • Infused with a robust apple flavor that effectively attracts deer.
  • Utilizes the sweet, enticing appeal of molasses to draw deer into your area.
  • Ideal for coating vegetation, stumps, or mixing with grains, enhancing regular feeding spots.
  • The potent aroma ensures a wide range of attraction, keeping deer coming back.
  • Conveniently designed for quick and hassle-free application in your chosen wildlife area.

Donkey Syrup can be poured over feed, minerals, stumps, and even on top of the ground.

Cane Molasses, Sulfuric Acid, Propionic Acid (a preservative), Acetic Acid (a preservative), Benzoic Acid (a preservative), Caramel Flavoring and Apple Flavoring.

Crude Protein Min 2.0%
Total Sugars Min 45.0%
Moisture Max 27.0%
Dry Matter Min 73.0%