Donkey Screen

Weight: 5lbs

Donkey Screen by Swamp Donkey Wildlife Nutrition is a strategically formulated annual blend, designed to enhance your hunting experience by ensuring optimal concealment and access. Understanding the importance of staying undetected, this blend quickly produces tall, dense vegetation, perfect for hiding your movements to and from the stand. Comprising three different seed varieties, Donkey Screen develops into a multi-layered cover, with plants reaching varying heights up to 12 feet. This not only aids in staying unseen but also increases daylight deer movement, making your hunting trips more successful. Additionally, its rapid growth and substantial height make it an excellent choice for creating natural funnels and hiding duck blinds. Covering up to a quarter-acre, Donkey Screen is the perfect solution for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts looking to enhance the safety and effectiveness of their outdoor pursuits.

  • Ideal for creating a natural screen, allowing undetected access to and from stands.
  • Can swiftly grow up to 8-12 feet tall, providing ample cover in a short period.
  • Excellent for concealing duck blinds, creating deer funnels, or offering cover for various wildlife.
  • Contains three different seed varieties maturing at varied heights for thick, layered cover.
  • Each package can plant up to a quarter-acre, ensuring extensive concealment for your hunting needs.

Donkey Screen can be drilled at 15lbs per acre and broadcasted at 20lbs per acre. For best results, we always recommend getting a soil test done and getting your fertility right. A well-prepared seed bed is a must as well, especially when broadcasting. Culitpacking or dragging after broadcasting is very important to have proper seed to soil contact. Nitrogen fertilizer is also a key factor in a successful Donkey Screen plot.

Sorghum Sudangrass, Egyptian Wheat, and WGF Sorghum