Donkey Bulbs

Weight: 1.5lbs

Donkey Bulbs by Swamp Donkey Wildlife Nutrition is a versatile, all-season brassica blend, perfect for attracting deer throughout your hunting season. Combining radishes, sugar beets, and turnips, it offers an attractive food source for every stage: radishes for early season browsing and beets and turnips for later in the season. This mix not only provides nutritious forage during the early and middle parts of the season but also sustains deer through the winter with its hearty bulbs. Ideal for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts, Donkey Bulbs ensures a consistently populated and nourishing food plot, boosting both the health of deer and the success of your outdoor pursuits.

  • Each pack is capable of planting up to a quarter-acre, offering ample coverage for a significant wildlife impact.
  • Formulated for a high germination rate and easy cultivation, suitable for a variety of soil types and climates.
  • Designed to be attractive to deer throughout every part of your season, ensuring consistent visitation.
  • Provides a high-nutrition food source, contributing to the health and growth of the deer population.

Donkey Bulbs can be drilled at 5lbs per acre and broadcasted at 10lbs per acre. For best results, we always recommend getting a soil test done and getting your fertility right. A well-prepared seed bed is a must as well, especially when broadcasting. Culitpacking or dragging after broadcasting is very important to have proper seed to soil contact.

Daikon Radish, Forage Turnips, & Sugar Beets.