Donkey Grub

Weight: 5lbs

Donkey Grub by Swamp Donkey Wildlife Nutrition stands out as the premier choice for deer feeding and attraction. This textured feed, with a nutritious base of distillers grains and roasted peanuts, offers a high content of protein and fat, essential for deer health and growth. The unique roasting process of the peanuts not only boosts their nutritional value but also releases an aroma and taste that deer find irresistible. Whether used as a powerful attractant during hunting season or as a beneficial supplemental feed in the off-season, Donkey Grub is unmatched in its appeal and effectiveness. Its ability to consistently draw deer back makes it the best all-around feed on the market, providing hunters and wildlife enthusiasts with a reliable tool for enhancing their outdoor experience and ensuring that deer are well-nourished year-round.

  • Based of distillers grains and roasted peanuts for optimal nutrition.
  • Roasting process enhances the peanuts’ appeal, making it irresistible to deer.
  • Ideal as both an attractant during hunting season and a nutritional supplement off-season.
  • Recognized as the top feed in the market for its quality and effectiveness.
  • Keeps deer returning regularly, enhancing wildlife observation and hunting opportunities.

Feed Donkey Grub free-choice on top of the ground or in a trough style feeder. For best results, we recommend feeding Donkey Grub year-round. Use Donkey Grub as a source of protein in the Spring and Summer months during the pregnancy, lactation, and antler growth stages and as an attractant during your hunting season. DO NOT feed moldy or insect infested feed.

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Crude Protein Min 18.0%
Crude Fat Min 10.0%
Crude Fiber Max 10.0%
Calcium (Ca) Min 0.05% | Max 0.10%
Phosphorus (P) Min 0.40%
Potassium (K) Min 0.40%
Salt Min 0.05% | Max 0.15%