Donkey Corn

Weight: 35lbs

Reintroducing Donkey Corn by Swamp Donkey Wildlife Nutrition – a revitalized version of the beloved Primos Hunting product, now with an enhanced formula. This unique feed is not just another bag of corn; it’s a carefully crafted mix of whole corn and protein pellets, designed to enrich the natural diet of deer. Donkey Corn offers the familiar, irresistible taste of traditional corn, which deer love, while significantly boosting its nutritional value to support antler growth, fawn development, and lactation. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking the attractiveness of standard corn but with the added benefits of improved herd health and antler size. Whether you’re a dedicated hunter or a wildlife enthusiast, Donkey Corn provides a potent combination of allure and nutrition, making it an essential component of your wildlife management strategy.

  • Combines traditional whole corn with protein pellets for a nutritionally superior feed.
  • Specifically formulated to enhance antler growth, fawn development, and lactation.
  • Reviving the highly acclaimed Donkey Corn from Primos Hunting with an improved formula.
  • Maintains the delicious taste of traditional corn, making it highly attractive to deer.
  • Designed to complement natural diets, offering more than just the appeal of standard corn.

Feed Donkey Corn free-choice or in a trough style feeder. For best results, we recommend feeding Donkey Corn during your hunting season as an extremely delicious attractant or in the Spring and Summer months as a supplement to their natural diet. DO NOT feed moldy or insect infested feed.

Grain products, roughage products, processed grain by-products, forage products, calcium carbonate, plant protein products, salt, calcium propionate (a preservative)

Crude Protein Min 10.0%
Crude Fat Min 2.5%
Crude Fiber Max 15.0%
Calcium (CA) Min 0.75% | Max 1.25%
Phosphorus Min 0.3%
Potassium (K) Min 0.5%
Salt Min 0.3% | Max 0.7%